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Road Closures

Putting on an event like this does mean some road closures which are detailed below. The route may pass by your home or business so please study the road closure information carefully.

This promises to be a fantastic charity event for our local community and we hope you’ll be able to enjoy it with us.

If you have any questions about the event, please email them to

Road Closure Timings

All roads will be closed from 09:30 on the morning of 10th July and will re-open as the last runner passes. Estimated last runner timings are given below.

Please be aware that there will be parking restrictions on New Brook Street from 06:30 on 10th July for the whole day.

Mile Landmark Last Runner
0 Start Line, Nesfield Road, Middleton 10:30
1 Valley Drive at junction with Mayfield Road, Ilkley 10:48
2 Bolling Road, in front of Ben Rhydding shops 11:07
3 Station Road, outside Ilkley Train Station 11:25
4 Skipton Road, leaving Ilkley 11:44
5 Ilkley Old Road, junction with entrance to Low Mill, Addingham 12:02
6 Main Street, outside The Fleece, Addingham 12:21
7 Bolton Road, between Addingham and Bolton Bridge 12:39
8 Bolton Road, between Addingham and Bolton Bridge 12:58
9 Beamsley Lane, entering Beamsley village 13:16
10 West Hall Lane, between Beamsley and Nesfield 13:35
11 West Hall Lane, climbing the hill into Nesfield village 13:53
12 Common Holme Lane, passing Ilkley Golf Course 14:12
13 Denton Road, at the Old Bridge, Middleton 14:31
13.1 Finish Line, Denton Road, Middleton 14:33

Road Closure Map