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Updated Headphones Rules

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At the heart of our event are two important pillars – safety and enjoyment.

We take both equally seriously and with this in mind, have carefully considered our runners’ feedback regarding the use of headphones during our event.

In order for runners to have the most positive experience possible, we have consulted UK Athletics for their advice and support on this issue and are pleased to confirm the following:

Headphones are permitted during the Ilkley Half Marathon with the strict exception of two short sections of the course where runners and vehicles will share a road, separated by a row of cones, as shown on the map below:

For the avoidance of doubt, on these sections of the course headphones must not be worn. Any runner that does not adhere to this is at risk of disqualification from the event.

You will be alerted to these sections of the course via clear signs advising you that “Road sharing section ahead. Please remove your headphones.”